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Meet the Staff of Burke Forest Veterinary Clinic


Susan - Licensed Veterinary Technician

Susan is a proud Licensed Veterinary Technician, soon to be called Pet Nurses.  She is originally from the Hayfield area.  She lived here, moved to Florida, and came back for the four season weather.  She and her son live in Springfield, and frequently can be found fishing, or camping.  She is a proud Irving Middle school MOM.  She joined Burke Forest in March of 2016 and brings with her a wealth knowledge and training to help our team.


Brooke  - Practice Manager

Brooke is originally from Vermont, where she worked with animals of all kinds both in and out of the veterinary field. Brooke is passionate about behavior science and helping animals and their owners. She enjoys adventuring, spending time with her family (especially the four-legged variety), and furthering her knowledge of the veterinary field. Whether she is working with exotics, large animals, companion pets or helping owners foster their human-animal bond, she is excited to be able to help animals grow to live their happiest and healthiest life.


Xanny - Veterinary Assistant

Xanny graduated from Mt. Vernon High School in 2010.  After three years at a bakery, he decided to look for a position in the veterinary field to help further fulfill his love of animals.  In 2013 he began working in small animal practice alongside Dr. Bowles and Susan.  He became part of the Burke Forest Team in July 2016.  In his free time, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, listening to all kinds of music, and watching movies.  Xanny aspires to be a Veterinary Technician in the future.



Alyssa - Client Care Specialist

Alyssa started working with animals at a reptile sanctuary back in 2016 mainly handling snakes and alligators. Even though she loved it, Alyssa had a stronger passion for the general practice care of dogs and cats. When not at work, she is mainly caring for her own dog who loves to go on long hikes or a canoe trip down the river. 


Kellie - Client Care Specialist

Kellie decided to go into vet medicine because she has always had a passion for animals from a young age. She likes to travel and experience new places and food as often as possible. In her free time she likes to spend her time with her dog or going to sporting events. She can’t wait for warmer weather so she can spend as much time outside or out on the water somewhere. 



Jenna - Assistant

Jenna, originally from Corydon, IN, wandered into veterinary medicine after finishing her time in the U.S Navy as an Aviation Structural Mechanic Third Class. She loved going to volunteer at the animal shelters during her free time, and becoming a part of the community where ever the military moved her to. Jenna started out as a Veterinary Receptionist at the Louisiana SPCA New Orleans Campus Community Clinic. When the military moved her and her husband, Harley, again, Jenna was excited to continue her career in Veterinary Medicine at Burke Forest Veterinary Clinic as a Veterinary Assistant. She aspires to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician and continue her love for the shelter life and rescue community. In her spare time you can find her working on some kind of crochet project with her cat, Casey Rae, who most likely will endlessly be making biscuits.



Eva - Assistant

Eva joined the Burke Forest family in January of 2021.  Her love for all animals, her experience with horses, and the fact that her toy poodle, Elsa, has been a patient of ours for seven years, is what made her interested in working with our team. 

She attends Robinson Secondary School and will graduate in 2023.  In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, working out at the gym, hanging out with her friends, and competitively riding horses. She looks forward to her future with Burke Forest Veterinary Clinic.



 Rin - Veterinary Assistant Supervisor

Rin graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology, minors in Intelligence Analysis and Psychology. Late pandemic, they stumbled into the veterinary field and never left. Growing up in rural parts of Georgia, Nebraska, and southern Virginia animals have always been an integral aspect of their daily life, and now they plan to pursue further education to remain growing skills in the field. In their spare time Rin enjoys playing video games, DM-ing or playing Dungeon and Dragons, and cosplaying their favorite anime or video game characters. They have a Pomeranian named Eevee that is trained using Pokemon attacks as commands, and cats named Mew and Grimoire. By the animal’s choices and NOT Rin’s, they all share the same pillow (or try to). 



LeAnn - Assistant

LeAnn joined Burke Forest in April of 2021 after living in Colorado Spring for about 3.5 years. During her time in Colorado she attended Apex College of Veterinary Technology and has intentions of finishing school and becoming licensed in Virginia. LeAnn has had a love for animals for as long as she can remember and enjoys working at a place where she can help and care for them. 

 Carisa - Assistant

Carisa joined Burke Forest in June 2022 as a veterinary assistant. She has been passionate about animal care since childhood and learned the basic skills by caring for neighborhood pets. She is a WSHS alumni - go Spartans! Carisa graduated from the University of Mary Washington with her bachelor’s of science degree in psychology in 2022. She worked for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue as an animal care technician for 3.5 years. She learned that many cats and dogs are homeless because there is a global overpopulation issue. Carisa is a strong advocate for spaying and neutering pets to keep them healthy, manage their behavior and reduce overpopulation. In her free time she enjoys playing piano, watching anime, spending time outdoors and doing daily crossword puzzles with her family.

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