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Pet Dentistry

Oral health is very important for all of us, including our dogs and cats.  We here at Burke Forest, take dental care very seriously.  During each wellness visit, the doctor will perform a nose to tail physical.  We will discuss your pets oral health with you.  Dr Bowles or Dr Vanderson may recommend a dental treatment immediately if there is an infection, a broken tooth, or other oral concern.  If bad breath, tartar, or gingivitis is noted we will recommend a dental treatment at the earliest convenience for the owner.  

These dental treatments include pre-anesthetic bloodwork, IV catheter, IV fluids, anesthesia, close anesthetic monitoring by a technician, FULL MOUTH RADIOGRAPHS  (like bite wings done at your denstist), dental scaling, polishing, and a chlorhexidene rinse.  

  • If diseased teeth are found at the time of the treatment, the doctor will make their best medical decision.
    • For some teeth, this includes extractions (removing them).
    • Other treatments may include an antibiotic gel placed around the roots.

If you are noticing bad breath, mouth pain, difficulty chewing, a broken tooth, or a discolored tooth, please give us a call or set up an appointment!